Attorney-crafted Estate Plans

Pass on your legacy with a custom, professional, and affordable estate plan tailored to suit your family’s unique circumstances.

Professional Service • Proven Strategies • Competitive Pricing

Do the Plan Right, The First Time

There is no substitute for solid advice from a competent attorney. When your legacy hangs in the balance, it pays to have a pair of trained eyes on your side.

  • Why risk making common errors that can cause nightmares for you and your loved ones?
  • Why send your loved ones through probate, just to gain what you intended them to have?
  • Why worry about your loved ones fighting over their inheritance?

Protecting Your Legacy Is Easier Than You Think

1. Call and schedule your consultation

2. Tell us what you want your estate plan to look like

3. Get your custom estate plan

We Get Your Estate Prepared So You Can Get On With Living

A typical Revocable Family Trust package is completely customized and tailored to your individual needs. The core package typically includes:

– A revocable family trust
– Pour-over will(s)
– Healthcare Power of Attorney
– Durable Power of Attorney
– Living Will
– Supporting and Asset Transfer Documents

Hassle-free Estate Plans Tailored to You

We help you get your entire plan done properly, maximizing the inheritance and avoiding conflict.

Preserving your legacy is complex, and it’s easy to make costly errors that cause nightmares for you and loved ones. For example, did you know that a simple will may not avoid probate court? While a will is simple to do during your lifetime, it can become costly after you die, particularly if it is challenged in court.

We design your estate plan to avoid those costs, maximize your estate, and protect you and your loved ones from hassle, heartache, and taxes.

– Prevent family discord over who gets what
– Structure the estate to support your family’s futures, not their vices
– Ensure your healthcare wishes are followed

Attend Our Free Webinar

Learn the foundational elements of an estate plan and free resources to help you set them up.

– Know exactly what you need
– Get free resources to set up your estate plan
– So you can stop worrying!

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